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Thursday, 13 August 2020

What should ISO 22301 Documentation contain?

ISO 22301 requires organizations to document procedures and planning process outcomes. While this effort is necessary if an organization chooses to claim a certificate, most of the benefit organizations can only achieve it in accordance with the ISO 22301 standard.

The ISO 22301 Documentation also raises awareness among those called to participate in business continuity plans. In addition, the results of writing and obtaining administrative approval help to ensure that organizations are performing program activities in a manner consistent with expectations and that management is aware of and accepts the results.

This considers the ISO 22301 Document requirements, which include written procedures and procedures, as well as evidence that business transactions continue to be carried out. This considers the ISO 22301 document requirements, which include procedures, as well as evidence that business transactions continue to be carried out.

To guide organizations for Business Continuity Management System certification as per ISO 22301:2019 requirements, Global Manager Group is recently developed ISO 22301 Documentation and Training kit. Following are the required a specific set of documents with ppt presentation slides for effective implementation and ISO 22301:2019 certification:

  1. ISO 22301 Manual

The BCMS Manual covers 10 chapters having clause-wise details of how ISO 22301 system is implemented as well as list of procedures as well as overview of organization.

  1. BCMS Procedures

BCMS Procedures covers copies of mandatory procedures as per ISO 22301are provided, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, and responsibility, how procedure is followed.

  1. BCMS Policies

The BCMS policies as per ISO 22301 are provided such as policies, Covid-19 policies, etc.

  1. Standard Operating Procedures

All 12 Standard operating procedures covers sample copy of SOPs to establish control and make system in the organization. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to follow and organization.

  1. Readymade Blank Formats

Blank formats cover sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples are given for the users as a guide to follow.

  1. Exhibits

Exhibits covers sample copy of exhibits covering all the details of ISO 22301:2019 standard.

  1. ISO 22301 Audit Checklist

In this BCMS ISO 22301 audit checklist covers audit questions based on the ISO 22301:2019 requirements. The audit checklist will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 350 questions are prepared on the basis of ISO 22301:2019.

  1. ISO 22301:2019 Compliance Matrix

The compliance matrix for ISO 22301:2019 contains ISO 22301:2019 requirement wise list of documented information.

For readymade ISO 22301 Documents and training kit really is the most comprehensive option on the market for completing your documentation. Contact Global Manager Group for this Readymade ISO 22301:2019 Documentation and Training kit or directly visit at:


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