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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

How the ISO 19770 Standard helps to manage your IT Assets?

In the case of IT Asset Management (ITAM), problems include risks and costs associated with the management of IT assets. Stakeholders in ISO standards are working together to ensure industry standards can be employed to solve problems aimed at user retention across the IT organization.

The first level of ISO 19770-1 is about ITAM processes and good practice. This ISO 19770-1:2017 standard focuses on helping organizations ensure that they have adequate processes within the organization to reduce risk and cost as much as possible. This level covers areas such as ITAM policies and procedures, employee training, and how the company progresses in acquiring, installing, managing, and maintaining such software. These actions collectively are known as software lifecycle.

The ISO 19770 requires inventory records including software identifier, name, location and user location and current state of assets. The standard advises businesses to apply policies and procedures designed to keep inventory records, including backups, and ways to protect these records from unauthorized disclosure.

Using these well-thought-out ITAM processes, among other things, will have an impact on the many benefits of your organization by allowing the management of other departments within your organization to place full trust in the capabilities and completeness of these IT-related processes.

Most organizations expect that there is some level of control over the IT assets within them, and that these assets are properly managed, but this is far from the truth. The hassle of taking over, the increasing demand from business lines to acquire technology where needed, and the things (IoT) network change amplify the necessary effort to save more IT assets.

Ultimately, the efficient use of ISO 19770 both facilitates business risk management and cost management of your organization, thus giving your business a competitive edge and preventing legal disclosures. With regard to risk management, businesses reduce the risk of disruption to IT-related services and reduce legal and regulatory manifestations.

IT-related cost management is done as well as centralized procurement management, thus providing better, more accurate and timely information on all aspects of accounting, auditing and billing. In addition, competitive advantage is gained by making quality decisions based on comprehensive information.

Using the ISO 19770 standard, ITAM principles apply to almost everything found in your IT environment including the following topics:

  • Proof of license documents
  • Types of licenses
  • All supported platforms
  • Software media and all copies of distribution
  • Everything is built and released
  • All software installed
  • Detailed list of software types, start-ups and updates
  • Licenses
  • Contacts
  • Physical and electronic distribution methods

In recent, Global Manager Group has started to offer Ready-to-use ISO 19770 Documents and Training Kit to address both the processes and technology for managing software assets and related IT assets with complete set of mandatory and supporting documentation to make own documents for quick IT asset management certification.



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