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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

What & Why is ISO/IEC 27701 & how it helps in organizations?

Organizations that plan to maximize their performance, activities, and processes in the future will need to rely on digital transformation to ensure they exist. The old manufacturing industry is rapidly being replaced by a new era of information technology, service delivery, and the amount of information has improved dramatically. On the other hand, technological advances such as Internet of Things (IoT) have become less expensive for users.

Organizations can create products and services that are more relevant to their customers through successful market ads aimed at their interests. However, organizations that use customer data can sometimes be vulnerable to cyber criminals and other threat sources that often target these organizations to extract unidentified information. Privacy is a main requirement for the most open society in the modern computer age. And ISO/IEC 27701 specifies requirements and provides guidance on the establishment, maintenance, and further improvement of the Information Management System (PIMS) as an extension of ISMS implementation in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 guidance.

The ISO/IEC 27701 standard can be used by PII administrators and PII processors. Additional requirements and guidelines for PII protection apply to any organization and may be accepted regardless of the size and culture of the organization. Personal information is ubiquitous and growing. Data is collected, processed, stored, and transmitted in a variety of ways to all types of organizations on a daily basis.

Organizations are involved in this process gain a competitive spirit and should be aware of the need to accept and accept responsibilities and be committed to the effective management of PII. Therefore, one of the main reasons why organizations should seek ISO/IEC 27701 certification to comply with the GDPR and meet the minimum costs. The Integrated ISO 27701 & GDPR Documents can be useful to accelerate the documentation process for evaluating controls on the data privacy of individuals or any organizations, which are an essential part in the nature of IT or non-IT business.

ISO/IEC 27701 provides information on how organizations should manage and process data to protect privacy and personally identifiable information. The ISO 27701 standard enhances ISMS and helps deal with PIMS more accurately. The framework of the proposed ISO 27701 standard serves as a guide for the development, implementation, maintenance and development of the Privacy Information Management System. It helps organizations to understand the practical ways involved in the effective management of PII. Therefore, compliance with ISO/IEC 27701 may enable your organization to diagnose, treat, and reduce risks to personal information.

The benefits of using ISMS and the increasing demand for privacy, the implementation of PIMS based on ISO/IEC 27701 should provide a competitive advantage in the business market and improve the reputation of organizations. In addition, it can also affect customer satisfaction and increase customer confidence in the organization. ISO/IEC 27701 Certification can make clients feel confident and secure that their identifiable information is safe and used for the original purpose collected. This can increase the visibility of the organisation's processes and procedures, thereby maintaining integrity to the clients and organizations.


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